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Client Update

Once upon a time we built the League of Legends client and everyone fit in it comfortably. Then we immediately outgrew our little cottage and spent the next eight years frantically renovating it. No more! Hundreds of thousands of alpha testers helped us rebuild the League client from the ground up. With your help, our home’s ready. Starting now, the client update is available for everyone to experience. Click here for more details.

We Built It.
You Tested It.

The old client's tech has been fully replaced with a new, more reliable foundation so we can fix long-standing bugs and set the stage for League's evolving future. We also took the opportunity to rework the client's visuals with a cohesive (and kinda sexy) hextech design.

A Magical upgrade

Although updating the client was mostly about preparing for the future, we couldn't help but build in a few exclusive new features for those who upgrade. Drag and drop rune pages to reorder them, or see in-game ability scaling information and change your in-game settings—all from the client. Oh, and all future features (Replays and Practice Tool!) will be exclusive to the updated client.

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