The world will end in Zombies contest

By Zombie Brand

"Graaaarararagh gzl gre graaaaargh GRAAAAAAAK grak grug!
Greghgre gru gragre grug gre gro BRRRRRRRAINNNNSSSSS gre gro gru grag.
Gogtest ‘arrowing!  WIN Brains BIG!
Grombie Gragnd"

Things get weird this time of year and finding the above message stuck to your monitor by grotesque green goo and a twitching finger on your keyboard is as weird as it gets. From the telltale scent of the grave wafting through Riot, the muddy footprints, and poor spelling it can only mean one thing; Zombie Brand is back.

Deciphering this took some time, but it appears to be either a contest or a description on how to bring about the apocalypse.  We’re going to go with the contest, but please don’t read the dead mans ramblings out by candlelight beneath the witching moon, it’s in the EULA that we can’t be responsible for acts of existential terror.

Zombie Brand wants friends, shambling hideous friends.

Your mission, Summoners, is to come up with the most creative way to show us how  Zombification  affects your favourite champion. A terrifying Teemo, a ghoulish Garen, a dread dead Draven dashing after drains…sorry, brains, no Champion is safe from the zombie curse!

Contest Entry

How can you take part in our Harrowing competition?

Use one of the following ways to show how Zombification has changed your favourite champion

  • Sculpting
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Gastronomy
  • Plushies
  • Dolls and figurines
  • Carving
  • Cosplay
  • Nail Art
  • If you need to take a picture of your art make sure that we can see the date, the platform you play on and your Summoner Name in a physical form in the photograph, this is proof that the piece of art belongs to you.
  • This piece of work should be created for the contest.
  • The minimum resolution of your picture should be at least 640 x 360.
  • Any digital art will not be eligible for prizing.
  • Digital image manipulation is not allowed.
  • Send your entries here:

We want this contest to be more about physical pieces of work, crafting, carving, painting and more hands on style stuff. We had a very passionate discussion about what this means for digital submissions and while they’re equally valid as an art form we decided that we want entries to exist physically. Many of our contests lean toward digitally created art exclusively, and we wanted to offer some different avenues for entry.

We'll then compile a shortlist of the most terrifying and awesome submissions based on quality and originality, making sure that they comply with the competition rules.  We’ll exhume Zombie Brand to assist us in this all night task.

Then the 10 winners will be chosen by YOU!


Here's the list of what you stand to win:

  • Mundo Mundo
  • Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks
  • Kitty Cat Katarina
  • Zombie Ryze
  • Lollipoppy
  • Nosferatu Vladimir
  • Franken Tibbers Annie
  • Definitely Not Blitzcrank
  • Bewitching Nidalee
  • Haunting Nocturne
  • Headless Hecarim
  • Haunted Maokai
  • Underworld Twisted Fate
  • Headmistress Fiora
  • Pirate Ryze
  • Zombie Brand
  • Haunted Zyra
  • Officer Vi

If these champions are not already owned, winners will receive them in addition to the skins.

So grab your ghouls…sorry, tools, get creative and send your entries here: Entry will be closed by the 8th of November. We'll be announcing the best submissions on the 13th of November and you will choose the 10 winners by the 15th of November.

 For all of the lovable legalese around our EU contests, click here. Good luck everyone, and happy Harrowing!

4 years ago