Get ready for Gamescom - EU Regionals Heading to Gamescom

By Riot Pente

In case Germany hasn’t had enough sports excitement this summer with its dominant showing in the World Cup, we’re bringing League of Legends and the EU LCS Regionals to Gamescom, 13-17 August. Perhaps Striker Lucian will even make an appearance to showcase his unique approach to game-winning shootouts.

Worlds is fast approaching and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The most ambitious goal for any League of Legends pro is to go up against the best teams on the planet, and only the top three teams from the EU Regional Qualifiers at Gamescom will secure a chance to represent Europe on that lofty stage.

Gamescom is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world and our goal is to bring an esports spectacle to attendees that feels just as epic. We’ve divided this year’s League of Legends booth into dedicated community and esports areas, which allows us to create a tailored viewing experience for those who’ve come in search of competitive fireworks.

Alliance’s iron grip on the EU LCS Summer Split has started to crack, paving the way for a traditional powerhouse like Fnatic to move into a position to usurp the top spot. Even teams that have struggled to make an impact in the past such as Copenhagen Wolves and Millenium are making a last-minute push to try to grab a spot in the EU Qualifiers.

There’s even a Wild Card spot up for grabs in this year’s proceedings, which will allow Oceania, CIS and Turkey to battle over a chance to compete at Worlds. Regardless of who makes it to the Qualifiers, the level of competition will be fierce.

Seating for the EU LCS playoffs will be limited and allocated on a first-come basis so make sure to get there early. Games will be played Thursday-Sunday during the show. Keep your eyes on this site for the full schedule announcement coming soon.

If you aren’t able to make the trip to Gamescom, you don’t have to miss a second of the action. Stay tuned to for updates on the Road To Worlds and broadcasts of all the exciting matches live from Cologne.

4 years ago