TFT Update: Soulbound Class

Senna and Lucian enter TFT together, bound beyond life and death.
1 week ago

True Damage: Little Legends

Command the Convergence with Melisma, QiQi, and Ossia, available in the Series 5 Little Legend Egg.
1 month ago

Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements Trailer

Battle for the Convergence with new origins, new champions, and more. Rise of the Elements is now live.
1 month ago

Rise of the Elements Pass

Earn elemental arena chromas, emotes, and Little Legend eggs in the new Rise of the Elements pass!
1 month ago

TFT: New Arena Skins

Three new looks from the Freljord’s frozen tundra are coming to the Convergence.
1 month ago

Announcing the Rise of the Elements Invitational

We're celebrating the launch of TFT's second set, Rise of the Elements, with a 2-day event.
1 month ago

Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements

Teamfight Tactics is out of beta and we're rotating in a brand new set of champions!
1 month ago

/dev: TFT Set 1 Learnings

Champion balance, randomness, rate of changes, disables, counters, and more.
1 month ago

TFT is Coming to Mobile!

Pre-register now.
1 month ago

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.20 notes

Stabilizing and minor changes as we near the end of Set 1.
2 months ago