New Gemstone skin: Hextech Renekton

Craft fury for 10 gemstones.
8 months ago

Out of the toy box...

… and into the slobbery crossfire.
2 years ago

Rise up with SKT T1 championship skins

Celebrate the South Korean sensation’s (second) victory at Worlds with SKT T1 champion skins.
2 years ago

Make your foes go extinct with new dino skins

Whether you’re sending tremors through Summoner’s Rift with the thunderous footfall of Prehistoric Cho’Gath and Prehistoric Renekton, or soaring menacingly into lane as Prehistoric Anivia, it’s time to remind the opposing team why dinosaurs once ruled the earth.
4 years ago

Scorched Earth Renekton available now

Centuries imprisoned fed a fury in Scorched Earth Renekton that tooth and blade now thrive on.
5 years ago

Champion & skin sale: 11.6 - 14.6

These champions and skins are on sale for a limited time.
6 years ago