Patch 8.17 Notes

New Nunu hits the Rift!
9 months ago

Patch 8.16 Notes

Tank get some buffs, burst runes lose damage, and Zoe sees nerfs.
10 months ago

Patch 8.15 Notes

New Akali, plus Fizz and Irelia follow-up.
10 months ago

Patch 8.14 notes

This one's for the Teleporters.
11 months ago

Patch 8.13 notes

Aatrox rework, Marksman buffs, and Irelia and Pyke changes.
11 months ago

Patch 8.12 notes

The last of our lowercase-m-midseason patches brings two new fighter items!
1 year ago

Patch 8.11 notes

We’re swinging into bot lane in 8.11, changing up marksman items and runes.
1 year ago

Patch 8.10 notes

Jungle changes galore.
1 year ago

Patch 8.9 notes

Mage mana changes and Unsealed Spellbook update.
1 year ago

Patch 8.8 Notes

Irelia Nerfs, plus big changes to Ahri and LeBlanc.
1 year ago