Patch 10.1 Notes

We welcome Sett to the Rift in the first patch of 2020.
1 week ago

Patch 9.24b notes

Last set of balance changes for the rest of 2019!
1 month ago

Patch 9.24 notes

Made some changes following Preseason and big updates to Diana, and Aphelios joins the fray.
1 month ago

Patch 9.23 notes

Preseason is here and the Rift will never be the same!
2 months ago

Patch 9.22 notes

It's the final countdown to the end of season 2019!
2 months ago

Patch 9.21 notes

Happy post-10-year! Follow-up to Garen, Viktor, and Shaco.
2 months ago

Patch 9.20 notes

Garen, Shaco, and Viktor get a refresh on their kits.
3 months ago

Patch 9.19 notes

3 months ago

Patch 9.18 notes

Akali and Aatrox get hit with the nerf hammer.
4 months ago

Patch 9.17 notes

Helping out our big, friendly space dragon and righteous angel, but keeping changes generally light as we head towards Worlds.
4 months ago