Mordekaiser on Universe

Death is only the beginning.
5 months ago

Voyboy Plays Mordekaiser

Voyboy plays the newly reworked Mordekaiser and sends foes to the Realm of Death.
5 months ago

Mordekaiser Rework | Gameplay Preview

The Iron Revenant is back from the afterworld.
5 months ago

Mordekaiser: Reimagining the Iron Revenant

Watch how developers rebuilt Mordekaiser’s gameplay, visuals, and story to make him the lord of death he was always intended to be.
5 months ago

Champion Roadmap: April 2019

Mordekaiser, an AD assassin, and an army of one. Check out the new champs and updates coming in 2019.
6 months ago

Make your own luck with High Stakes skins

Stack the deck with Ace of Spades Ezreal, Queen of Diamonds Syndra, King of Clubs Mordekaiser, and Wild Card Shaco, now joining Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate in the League store and wherever luck is made, not found.
4 years ago

Champion and skin sale: 30.8 - 02.9

These champions and skins are on sale for a limited time.
6 years ago