Patch 9.3 Notes: Lore Edition

Annie, Katarina, and Master Yi take center stage with new short stories in this release of Patch Notes: Lore Edition.
9 months ago

New Bio: Master Yi

Can you be called a master of your discipline if none who practice have survived?
1 year ago

New Epic skins: Immortal Journey

The mountaintop reaches skyward; the earth reaches for the heavens. In this mountain there is a lake, and from this lake rose the Sacred Sword. Three legendary warriors rose to seek and protect it. Learn more about Eternal Sword Yi, Soaring Sword Fiora, and Sacred Sword Janna.
2 years ago

Immortal Journey 2017 Skins Trailer

Find peace. Find power. Find love. Eternal Sword Yi, Soaring Sword Fiora, and Sacred Sword Janna are now journeying through the League store for 1350 RP each.
2 years ago

Cosmic Blade Master Yi slices through the stars

To master the universe outside, you must first master the universe within.
2 years ago

Champion Spotlight: Master Yi

Whether you prefer to tear up the jungle or claim a solo lane, this Master Yi Champion Spotlight is sure to bring you a few tips and tricks to help sharpen your game.
6 years ago

Champion rework: Master Yi, the Wuju Master

We're reworking Master Yi in the coming patch. In addition to new sounds, voice over and spell effects, the Wuju Master is also getting a kit overhaul to combine his popular AP and AD builds into a single cohesive playstyle. Check out his new abilities and read how his new kit plays out below.
6 years ago