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5 months ago

EULCS Semifinals: Schalke04 vs Vitality

Schalke04 face off against Vitality this Friday at 6pm. One of the biggest rivalry’s in the EULCS comes to a head tomorrow as one of these young squads will get to go onto the finals and the other will at best get third.
1 year ago

Fnatic defeat H2K to secure third in Summer

We sat down with Fnatic midlaner Rasmus "Caps" Winther to get his thoughts about his win and the upcoming Regional Qualifiers.
2 years ago

EU LCS Final: G2 vs Splyce

Will we crown a new EU LCS champion, or will G2 prevail once again and condemn Splyce to the gauntlet?
3 years ago

Last Chance: Unicorns of Love vs H2K

Can Odoamne carry H2K to Worlds, or will Hungarian hero Vizicsacsi ensure no hope remains?
3 years ago

Hiss of Death: Fnatic vs Splyce

Splyce look to pip Fnatic to a top-2 spot in the penultimate week of the summer split!
3 years ago

Your NA LCS Summer winner is…

The winners talk their victory over their rivals.
4 years ago

Your EU LCS Summer winner is…

We talk to the winners about their hard-fought Finals.
4 years ago

Attending Finals in Stockholm? Arrive Early!

For a chance to meet your favourite YouTubers, represent your team and shop for merch.
4 years ago

Who Can Finally Defeat Fnatic, And How?

There’s a distinct lack of fist pumping or high-fiving going on. No-one is thumping their desk or yelling in celebration, on either side of the LCS stage. Instead, Fnatic’s players hang their heads, exhausted. Huni looks visibly disappointed and their group hug reeks of defeat. As another Nexus falls in the Summer Split of the EU LCS, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Fnatic might finally have been bested, their winning streak halted at last. Yet their Nexus still stands.
4 years ago