Patch Notes: Lore Edition

In the jungle, not all is as it seems. Is there a beast among the trees, or is the jungle itself stirring?
1 month ago

New Story: Syndra—The Dreaming Pool

Ionia caged her power. Noxus threatens her homeland. Who will the Dark Sovereign rise against?
5 months ago

Narrative in 2018

A look at when, why, and how we decide to update a champion’s lore, and our goals for 2018.
11 months ago

New Bio: Annie

In the dark forests north of Noxus, there’s nothing more dangerous than this little girl.
11 months ago

Forging Ornn

League’s Fire Below the Mountain smoldered for nearly four years before making it into production.
1 year ago

Battlecast Illaoi: Concepting

Assembly begins on the community-voted Battlecast Illaoi skin.
1 year ago

New on Universe: Urgot’s Bio and Short Story

There is only one way to measure a man. Tear him… into… pieces.
1 year ago

What is the Animation Workshop?

A note on the origins of this new collection.
1 year ago

Creator Spotlight: Bard by Mankej

We teamed up with sculptor Mankej Designs to create this clay statue of the Wandering Caretaker, Bard!
3 years ago