Lux: Issue #2

Struggling to control her growing magic, Lux bluffs her way into the Mageseeker compound.
3 days ago

Ixtal: New Faction

Learn about Qiyana’s empire.
1 week ago

Qiyana Trailer

Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, takes what is rightfully hers.
1 week ago

Qiyana Champion Teaser

The people of Ixaocan celebrate her prowess. The world is next.
1 week ago

Twisted Fate Series 3 Figure

"Lets raise the stakes." The Card Master teleports into the Series 3 figure line to test your luck of the draw. For a limited time any order with the Twisted Fate figure will come with a "Pick a Card Mystery Gift" which includes a random figure or plush, including a very lucky few receiving a Twisted Fate Statue by Steve Wang. Offer available until June 11th, 2019.
1 week ago

Choose a Champion Update Voting Results!

And the winner is…
2 weeks ago

Mordekaiser on Universe

Death is only the beginning.
2 weeks ago

Voyboy Plays Mordekaiser

Voyboy plays the newly reworked Mordekaiser and sends foes to the Realm of Death.
2 weeks ago

Mordekaiser Rework | Gameplay Preview

The Iron Revenant is back from the afterworld.
2 weeks ago

Mordekaiser: Reimagining the Iron Revenant

Watch how developers rebuilt Mordekaiser’s gameplay, visuals, and story to make him the lord of death he was always intended to be.
2 weeks ago