POP/STARS coming to Beat Saber

Want a dose of this?

The track’s bass notes thump with the force of a dancer’s heartbeat. Neon lights flash, casting dream-like colours into the darkness. Your focus narrows as airborne cubes speed toward you, inviting the swipe of your dual-wielded laser sabers. The experience is part futuristic battle simulation, part K-pop dance rehearsal.

The most thrilling projects we work on often begin with a simple thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool if League players were able to….” That’s how the collaboration between us and Beat Games, the indie studio behind Beat Saber, came about. We’d been hacking and slashing our way through Beat Saber at the same time ‘POP/STARS’ launched and the fantasy was inescapable: if only it was possible to play this song in Beat Saber. No harm in asking, right?

After we played the song for them during a video meeting, we could see grins break out on their faces. Beat Games clearly shared our passion for both music and games. The collaboration was a dream. They brought their S-game to the design of the beat map, adding some customisation to the level that should get K/DA fans hyped. One of our Riot engineers – a massive Beat Saber junkie – got to offer feedback on early builds

If you’re anything like us, you’ve listened to K/DA’s hit countless times. But we can promise you’ve never experienced it quite like this. Owners of the VR rhythm game Beat Saber will be able to play the track as a free bonus starting December 21.

Just don’t beat our high score!


"The moment we listened to ‘POP/STARS’ we knew for sure this is going to be a hit in Beat Saber,” said Jaroslav Beck, CEO of Beat Games. “The track is so pulsing and the video is just epic–it matches our game perfectly. We are so excited that with Beat Saber, players finally get a chance to experience ‘POP/STARS’ on a whole new level and literally feel every beat"


Do I have to own Beat Saber to play the POP/STARS track?


How much does the POP/STARS beat map cost?

Nothing. The patch containing the track is free for all owners of Beat Saber.

Is this a limited-time offer?

No. The track will be a permanent addition to Beat Saber once the patch containing it joins the game’s existing track list.

What’s the release date?

21st of December, 2018, on all supported VR hardware (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality).

Where can I buy a copy of Beat Saber?

Beat Saber is available on the Oculus Store, PlayStation Store and Steam.

What difficulty levels are available for POP/STARS?

Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, Expert+.

Is there any way to try out the song if I don’t own a VR headset?

The track will be available from December 21st in many arcades around the world. Contact your local arcade to see if they feature Beat Saber.

What about Rise, Pentakill, Warsongs, etc? Will you add more Riot music on Beat Saber?

With its neon style and driving beat, POP/STARS felt like a perfect fit for Beat Saber. We don’t have plans to add more tracks but if you enjoy this one, who knows?

Is Riot working on VR projects?

We have nothing to announce currently, but we can tell you that as huge fans of video games – past, present and (to your question) future – we are intrigued by VR’s potential to revolutionise the experiences we create for players.

Where can I learn more about Beat Saber?

Check out the developer’s website at beatgames.com.

Key Art by Arthur Bourgeais