Ranked 2018:
4 days left!

With the end of the Ranked 2018 season just around the corner – November 12th! – we’ll be sharing some motivational “posters” and player stories over the coming days.

It’s not too late to make a push for Ranked rewards or complete your placement games if you haven’t already.

Good luck and let us know in the comments how your own Ranked climb is going!

(Rengar artwork by Tom Barton. Click on above image to download the high-res version)

Goal to begin with was to get to Gold. I managed it on my main account so decided I'd see how I do on a fresh one as my main account is from when I started so has a lot more losses from when I had no clue how to play.

It started out well but then after winning a lot to start with the unusual nature of matchmaking started to kick in... had 11 losses followed by 11 wins so ended up on even win-to-loss by placement ending up in Silver IV. Currently in promos but sadly getting lots of games where I do well but as Hecarim isn't a carry nothing can be done in some circumstances :(

Still generally been fun and slowly climbing despite my very off-meta pick so hopefully next season Hecarim will get some love and I can get into Plat, not expecting Diamond next season but meh gota live in hope!
— Kalviras (EUW)

Recently I began to climb that ladder really fast when i picked up mid lane (I played ADC for majority of the season) and got out of Bronze III to Bronze II, then proceeded to climb even further up. After couple of good win streaks i managed to get to Bronze I. Now I’m in Bronze I promos with 2 losses, my MMR is still pretty good at this point, but I think remaining promos will be hard.
— ItsGloriousOne (EUW)

Teemos, that’s me, a good boi on EUW. I’ve been in Bronze V for the four years i have been playing league. But then in January of 2018 - I remember it as if it was yesterday - the day I got out of Bronze V and into Bronze IV. But that was not the end, not even close to it. I was bloodthirsty for victory. Sadly I was left by a friend who helped me to win in Bronze, as he decided it was time to part with the game. But I wasn't done, not yet, I couldn't give up.

I climbed the peaks of Bronze, meeting AFKs and trolls, but i got past them. AS I GRASPED BRONZE III, I WAS ALREADY STARING DOWN BRONZE II.

In no time I had finally Bronze I. But the real challenge came now with my promo games. I have yet to complete them. I'm on 2 wins, 1 loss, but it doesn't matter whether i win or lose, what matters is the learning experience. Remember: if you ever think you’ve hit your limit, recall your treacherous journey, stop typing and win your next game!
- teemos (EUW)

The patch is 8.11. The patch that most claimed was the death of marksmen. I held strong, went through the changes like a knife cutting cheese. I played against so many different bot-lane picks, but still kept on picking ADCs. I wanted to prove that I am good enough with marksmen, no matter if others say that they are not good. I had to deal with the stronger picks on bot lane but still managed to beat them due to their lack of experience with those champions in the bot lane. I just did not attach to the meta and kept on playing what I loved to play.

With those changes I still managed to maintain my Diamond rank. Now I play champions like Caitlyn, who currently is not a good Markswoman, but I still manage to have success with her.
— E9K MetroArcher (EUW)

Check back tomorrow for another motivational poster and more Ranked 2018 player stories!
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