Level up your

League Knowledge

Everything you need to know to dive into League

It's time to level up your League knowledge. On this page you'll find 6 handy guides on some of the most important aspects of League of Legends. Each section has a video and article you can watch/read to help you improve in your early days on the Rift. Take it all in and show off what you've learned in game. Good luck, and have fun!

Making the most of Minions

Minions are a hugely important part of League of Legends. Learning how to manage them is essential in the early stages of your League of Legends journey, and these are the key points:

  • Learn how to get gold and experience from minions
  • Learn how to manage minions and not take unnecessary damage from them
  • Learn how to use your minions to safely destroy turrets

When you’re fighting your battles on the rift, you’ll notice the small hooded figures that come in various shapes and sizes:

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  • Melee - as the name implies, these guys are short-ranged with low hit points;
  • Caster - wand-waving, long-ranged attackers with low hit-points;
  • Siege - cannon-riding minions that pack more of a punch and have more hit-points, but only arrive once every three waves;
  • Super - big, armoured minions that do a lot of damage and are difficult to take down. These guys only spawn when you destroy an enemy inhibitor.


Minions are very important to your character’s growth in a game of League of Legends. Killing minions grants experience to level up your character, and striking the killing blow (commonly referred to as a “last hit”) will net you some gold to spend on items. They might look adorable, but killing minions is a very important part of League of Legends. Show no mercy.


Remember, minions aren’t passive. Attacking an enemy champion will incur the wrath of nearby enemy minions, and a large group will deal some serious damage. Make sure to kill a few before engaging in a fight to the death. If you are being attacked by minions you can duck into a nearby bush to make them refocus on a different target.


Minions can be great allies too. They’ll help you take down enemy champions when they attack you, and they’ll even help destroy turrets. Make sure to let minions lead the way in a charge against a turret, because it will focus its attacks on them before it starts targeting you. In fact, if your minions are even near the enemy turret it will become weaker, losing armour so you can deal more damage to it.

Use this information to your advantage on the Rift, and watch the video above to see the little guys in action.

Getting Gold

Gold is one of your paths to power in League. Collect gold, spend it on items and you’ll become incredibly powerful. Items provide essential stats for your champion, so it’s incredibly important to keep earning gold to buy them. If you want to wipe out your enemies quickly and efficiently (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then buying items is a great way to get there.

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Before you can spend your gold on items to become powerful, you need to know how to earn it. The best way to earn gold in League of Legends is by killing enemy minions. Mowing down wave after wave of these little guys will provide you with a steady, healthy income. Remember though you’ll only get gold if you get the crucial last hit on the minions. If you don’t land that killing blow you’ll earn no gold.

If you decide you want to be a little more bloodthirsty, you’ll also earn gold by killing enemy champions. If you don’t get the last hit on a champion but you contributed damage or aided your allies during the fight you’ll get an assist, which provides a smaller amount of gold than an outright kill.


There are other sources of gold in League of Legends. They tend to be less reliable or provide smaller amounts, but they’re still very important:

  • Destroying turrets grants gold to your entire team
  • You can kill monsters in the jungle for some extra gold
  • Killing Baron Nashor provides a large amount of gold for your team
  • Some items for support champions provide extra methods of earning gold
  • Killing enemy champions that are on a killing spree provides an extra burst of gold

Use this information to your advantage on the Rift, and watch the video above to see for a more visual guide to earning gold.

Choosing your Role

Assassins, Fighters, Mages, Marksmen, Tanks and Supports: these are the main champion roles in League of Legends. Each role is full of depth, allowing you to master over 120 champions. Pick the role and champion that’s right for you, take them to the Rift and dominate your opponents.

The 6 major roles in League of Legends are:

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Fighters are generally melee champions that like to get up close and personal. If you like your champions to bring a mix of damage and survivability, picking a fighter is a great way to deliver in both. You can spec more towards damage or survivability depending on what your team needs, offering a lot of choice in how you approach the game.


If you like to be a big meat shield, tanks are the right style of champion for you. Big, beefy, durable and potentially impossible to take down later in the game, tanks are great for players who like to really impose themselves on a team fight. They lack damage, but make up for it with their sheer durability and the stuns, slows and other forms of crowd control abilities they possess.


Highly-mobile and incredibly deadly, assassins bring high amounts of damage in order to take out the important targets. Pick out the high priority target, dart in, kill them, and make your escape. The feeling of bursting down a squishy target at will is incredible, and if that’s what you want to do, assassins are for you.


The more traditional magic users in League of Legends, mages hang around the back of the fight, slinging spells at will. They deal lots of damage in an area and can burst you down in an instant or poke you down over time, depending on the champion. They’re not particularly mobile, so positioning yourself is key in fights, but you can deal incredible amounts of damage if you play them correctly.


Guns, bows, boomerangs, even spears: these are the weapons of choice for marksmen. They hang in the back like mages, but use their autoattacks to deal heavy, consistent damage from long range. Commonly referred to as “Attack Damage Carries (ADC)”, they are weak in the early game but scale to incredible heights of damage later in the game.


Supports are the utility kings and queens of League of Legends. They bring stuns, slows, shields, heals and other forms of crowd control and helpful abilities to the team. They are an incredibly important aspect of any team, and a great support can easily carry their team to victory.

Use this information to your advantage on the Rift, and watch the video above to see some awesome champions in action.

Winning through objectives

Objectives are the most important aspect of League of Legends, as the only way to actually win the game is by destroying the main objectives. Read on to find out how to take down enemy turrets, inhibitors, and the enemy Nexus and get an edge over your opponents!

  • You need to destroy the major objectives in sequence
  • There are other neutral objectives on the map that can give your team an advantage.
  • You need to destroy the enemy Nexus to win the game.

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The first objectives you’ll face in lane are turrets. These extremely important structures in League of Legends gate access to other important objectives. To reach your win condition of destroying the enemy nexus you’ll need to rid a lane of all its enemy turrets. There are important things to keep in mind about turrets:

  • Turrets really hurt, so don’t take them on alone;
  • Turrets attack the first thing they see, so let your minions take the shots for you;
  • Once destroyed, a turret is gone for the rest of the game. They don’t respawn.
  • Turrets will provide your team with a nice bit of gold once taken down.


Next up are inhibitors. These small, circular fixtures sit behind the turrets at the entrances to thee base. There’s one in each lane, and you’ll need to take out all the turrets in front of it to be able to attack it. Here are the key points to remember for inhibitors:

  • When you destroy an enemy inhibitor your team will be granted super minions.
  • A destroyed inhibitor will respawn after 5 minutes, and you’ll need to destroy it again for more super minions.
  • When you destroy even a single enemy inhibitor, you can start attacking the enemy nexus.


The enemy Nexus your win condition in League of Legends. Each team has a Nexus, located towards the back of their bases. To attack the enemy Nexus you’ll need to fight your way through all the previously mentioned objectives. It will take teamwork and coordination, so make sure to work with your teammates, destroy objectives and take it down!


There are other objectives around the map, such as the Dragon and Baron Nashor that will grant your team bonuses for killing them. However, they are very strong so taking them on solo or when your team is weak can lead to disaster.


Defense is as important as offense. When you’re fighting on the Rift, remember to protect your own turrets, inhibitors and Nexus. If the enemy team destroys your Nexus it’s game over, so do everything you can to keep it alive.

Make sure to take down turrets, destroy inhibitors and assault the enemy Nexus to win the game!

Taking down Turrets

Turrets are a hugely important structure in League of Legends that have many functions and influence the map in big ways. Read on to find out how they work so you can get an edge over your opponents and avoid dying to them!

  • They protect the base from the team’s enemies
  • They pack a real punch, so learning how they target is essential
  • There are ways to take them down safely and quickly using minions.

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There are three different types of turrets on the Rift:

  • The outer turrets, of which there are 2 in each lane.
  • The inhibitor turrets that protect the inhibitor. These use a laser attack rather than the usual blast.
  • The Nexus turrets, which also use a laser and regenerate health over time.


Turrets will attack the first thing they say, and they'll do a whole lot of damage, ramping up as they repeatedly blast you.

The best way to approach a turret is to do so behind your minion wave. Not only will the minions give their lives for you in order to take down the turret safely, but they'll also reduce the armour of the turret, making it quicker to destroy. Just make sure you leave the area before the last minion dies. If you're the only living enemy left in its range, the turret will turn on you.

Turrets are similar to minions in many ways. If you attack an enemy champion within range of a turret, it will quickly refocus and start attacking you, just like a minion. Fortunately, you can quickly run out of its range to force it to switch targets again, just like a minion. (Really the only things that distinguish turrets from minions are that they are, you know, bigger, stronger and made of stone.)


Use your minions to take them down safely, but remember turrets in the same lane must be destroyed in sequence. This will open up more of the map for you to explore and ultimately get you closer to your goal of destroying the enemy Nexus. It'll also give you a nice helping of gold to spend on some items.


Don't forget, turrets can be both friend and foe. The rules that govern enemy turrets apply to your own as well, and you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Your turrets will clear out minion waves for you and can be a great spot to stick to when you're in peril. Enemy champions who attack you under your turret will incur its wrath, while simply running to a turret in a dangerous situation can deter pursuing attackers.

Approach turrets from behind your minions, take them down and begin your charge towards the enemy base!

Powering up

Becoming powerful is key to your success in League of Legends. Read on to find out how to harness the power of your champions, dominate your opponents and win the game!

  • Items and levels are the best way to become powerful
  • Your ultimate ability gives your champion a huge amount of power
  • Avoid dying. Every time you die you give your enemy gold and experience, helping them to become more powerful.

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There are three main sources of power in League of Legends. Utilising these three methods will help you reach incredible heights with your champion and become incredibly powerful:

  • Items - bought with gold
  • Levels - levelling up by gaining experience points
  • Buffs - from neutral objectives or allies


You’ll start each game at level 1, where you can select your champion’s first basic ability. Each ability can be leveled 5 times (except for your ultimate ability), so make sure you’re constantly upgrading them to make them stronger.

Ultimate abilities can be levelled 3 times. They can be unlocked at level 6, and can be upgraded again at levels 11 and 16. These incredibly powerful abilities can secure kills, keep you (or your team) alive, or provide all manners of utility for your team.

Putting one point into an ability unlocks it for use in the game, while adding further points enhances the ability, making it even stronger. You’ll earn an ability point every time you level up, and you can level up by gaining experience from dying minions or killing enemy champions.


At the start of the game you’ll have 475 gold to spend on buying some starting items. Items make your character stronger by providing essential stats for them, though they aren’t equipped like in other games. That’s why it’s perfectly reasonable for an archer to buy a sword, for instance.

Killing minions and champions grants you gold which you can spend on even stronger items. Returning to the shop regularly to buy items will ensure you stay powerful throughout the game. It can be best stick to the recommended items until you learn the intricacies of the system.


There are plenty of other ways to become powerful in League of Legends, such as:

  • Killing the Dragon provides special buffs like extra damage and speed.
  • Killing Baron Nashor makes your minions stronger and gives you more damage.
  • Buying special, timed elixirs increase your damage or make you more durable.
  • Ally abilities can provide buffs to your damage or durability.
  • Killing neutral camps for buffs can give you more mana regeneration, extra damage or make your attacks slow enemies.

Enhance your abilities, buy items to increase your damage and durability, and harness your champion’s power to win the game!