• What if I don’t want to use this feature?

    Then don’t! It’s totally optional.

  • And what if I do? How do I turn this on?

    Click the Add Friend button in the client. From there, you’ll see the option to flip on the Facebook link. Follow the on-screen prompts and you should be good to go.

  • How do I know it’s working?

    Once you’re through the signup and approval process, you’ll see a screen confirming the activation. After that, friend recommendations should start flowing for other players who’ve opted-in.

  • What exactly does this thing do?

    It reads your Facebook friends list, looking for League players you aren’t already friends with. When it finds one, it offers you a friend recommendation. The recommendation is a prompt to send your League playing Facebook contact a friend request.

  • And what else does it do?


  • So nothing will change on my Timeline and my friends will receive no Facebook notifications from this feature?

    That’s exactly right!

  • Will my Facebook profile photo become my summoner icon?

    No, not even if you want it to.

  • Will my Facebook profile photo ever be shown?

    Your Facebook profile photo’s only shown on the initial recommendation. Strangers never see your Facebook photo.

  • Under what circumstances will my real name be shown?

    Your photo and real name will be shown to a League of Legends player if all 4 of these criteria are met:

    1. The player is your Facebook friend. This means that strangers will never see your real name or profile photo.
    2. The player is not your League of Legends friend.
    3. Both you and the player have approved the Facebook connection.
    4. Neither you nor the player have dismissed the recommendation.
  • When and how often will this post to my Facebook Timeline?

    Never and never.

  • Are there gonna be more ways to find my friends in the future?

    Yes! It’s a little early to talk specifics, but if you’ve got preferences, we want to hear ‘em.

  • Can I link multiple League accounts to a single Facebook account?

    Yes, but you can’t link multiple Facebook accounts to a single League account.

  • What’s the difference between a recommended friend and a friend?

    A recommended friend isn’t your friend yet. You still need to send the friend request and they, of course, need to approve it.

  • Crap! I accidentally ignored my friend when they were a “recommended friend!”

    Woops! You can add them the old-fashioned way or by clicking “Add Friend” button to open the friend discovery hub. Once there, click the “View All” button. Recommendations you've previously dismissed will appear at the bottom of this list.

  • How do I deactivate the Facebook link?

    We plan to streamline the unlinking process, but follow this guide for now: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204167164

  • If I turn off the feature, do the friends I added through it stay on my League friends list?


  • Tell me exactly what info Riot gets from Facebook when I approve this connection.

    We only receive your friends list, your name and your profile picture. We do not get your location, address or anything else from Facebook.

  • Will I (or my friends) be able to tell the difference between a regular friend request and one made with this feature?

    A friend request from (or to) a Facebook friend will say that you’re Facebook friends. If you add a Facebook friend as a LoL friend, we’ll set each other’s friend notes to be each other.