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We invited Eoin “EoinC” Conroy, an Irish sports psychologist and League player, to offer his opinion on how certain champion attributes affect player mentality. He organized his thoughts around the following five categories (none of which are official labels used internally by Riot).


High mobility frays an opponent’s nerves, making them feel slower and inept by comparison. Not being able to hit a target or react in time can make players feel insecure about their mechanical skill, raising the likelihood of tilt.


The ability to lure opponents toward you while systematically thwarting their aggression plays on the frustration of almost being able to achieve a goal – securing a kill, for example – but struggling to fully succeed.


Champion kits that are complex and facilitate unpredictable attack patterns or take a significant amount of time to understand can leave opponents feeling off-balance or confused about how to effectively retaliate.


Feelings of inefficacy, however temporary, reliably trigger frustration. As a result, abilities that deny vision or cancel out high-value ultimates, projectiles and auto-attacks are some of the surest ways of destabilising an opponent’s mentality.


Regardless of how strong a champion may be in reality on a given patch, community perceptions alone are enough to increase the chances of tilt. Heightened stress often begins in champ select at the very moment of lock-in. If you expect to tilt, that can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.






Success in League of Legends depends on good decision making, which breaks down when you tilt. We surveyed a thousand European players to see which champs cause them to lose their cool and invited the League community to offer tips on how to fight back against the highest-voted.


A well-timed windwall from an enemy Yasuo can fill even the most relaxed player’s rage bar. Maybe you watched your Jinx rocket vanish a second before impact. Or lost your inhibitor turret to a siege because you were blocked from using projectiles to clear the wave. A skilled Yasuo player can ult his way into the heart of a teamfight, deliver his burst and then make a safe getaway, dashing between minions. Even if there’s no way to snatch his flute and beat him with it, there are plenty of techniques you can use to shut down League’s most elusive samurai.


“Stay away from minions. Yasuo's entire strategy is that if he can't out-DPS his opponent through auto-attacks then he needs to out manoeuvre/kite them. This is why he falls prey very easily to damage-focused champions who can chase him down. Late game you just have to CC-lock him and prevent him from E-ing around. This can typically be accomplished by forcing him to E to a frontline character, then CC-locking him down so he can't use that character for mobility while keeping the rest of your team out of range of his E which effectively leaves him as a sitting duck. If you memorise his E range then as long as you monitor that a lot of champions can beat him with fundamental kiting mechanics.” - HCD

“Yasuo’s 1v1 gets super strong late game. You basically have to treat him like he's a fancier Master Yi. Have a tank sit on him, exhaust him, and don't let your team get engaged on. Force out his windwall (any strong CC or even the ADC auto-ing him should do this), keep squishies away from him, and then your ADC should be able to auto him to death easily enough.” - BobaFlautist

“I main Yasuo and the worst matchups for him are champions who don't care about windwall – usually top-lane bruisers like Darius or Garen or guys who just shove and harass endlessly like Malzahar or Azir.” - The Red Skaarl


Zoe is a trickster. She can leap in and out of portals, slinging spells and sparkles, delivering a whole lot of hurt and then disappearing in a flash (or maybe stealing your own Flash). She can send her skill shot flying at you from odd angles. The uniqueness of Zoe’s kit, which raises her skill cap, also has the power to bamboozle opponents who haven’t taken the time to understand her kit. Don’t lose faith. With a bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to burst her bubble.


“If you don't have vision of Zoe, get away from any nearby walls. This gets said a lot, but it really is the best way to limit Zoe's effectiveness. Mids, it's your job to spam those MIA and caution pings when Zoe disappears from lane, and please do not face-check that bush she just went through. Or maybe you should – we like getting fed.“As for champion counters, Braum and Yasuo are two very specific ones that make me cry myself to sleep at night. They both can make a Zoe do zero damage right as she's about to blow up your ADC. Other than that, pretty much any mobile assassin will do well post-level 6, though you may have some trouble in lane. A beefy frontline is also very good for absorbing and mitigating her damage.

“Finally, you're probably going to think that camping the Zoe is a great way to keep her down, but Zoe maintains a very strong presence into the late-game because of her bubble and high burst damage. If you camp Zoe, you need to snowball that into an early win, otherwise you run the risk of letting her back into the game thanks to her scaling and burst potential.” - SomeNoobTroll

“Just take cleanse or get QSS. Also Merc Treads make her life miserable. And if you have low health she can always be lethal if her sleep bubble lands so try to respect it.” - Veeniii

“A Talon with cleanse is a Zoe-killing machine.” - Donnyboy

“Gangplank is miserable to play against because he just presses Q to trade and presses W when he gets sleepy.” - Macaronine


Some find him cute. Others think he’s a sadistic rodent that ought to be exterminated. Regardless of your own feelings about The Swift Scout, anybody who’s ever survived a teamfight with 5 HP and stepped into a bush to recall, popping a hidden Teemo shroom, has stared into the abyss. The poison, the blind, the slows, invisibility, the cheery “HUP! 2! 3! 4!” Here are some ways to keep Teemo from poisoning your fun.


“Don’t chase Teemo! Once you deal a lot of damage to him he will start running into a bush which he prepared beforehand with at least 3-4 shrooms. He will enter stealth, gaining 20-80% attack speed based on level because of passive, and once you try to run away he will start attacking you.” - SirTeemoMushroom

“Sweeping lens and Merc Treads!” - 420 Grams

“Wait for your jungler before you try and do something fancy. Unless the Teemo player is being stupid or you are playing a non-auto-attack based champion, you are probably gonna have a bad time. Also stay in line with your minions. Teemo usually likes to put shrooms in places where your minions aren't gonna step on them.” - Tazul97

“Remember that it's okay to give up some creeps in order to not take poke damage from Teemo. He will most likely push you in because he harasses you with auto-attacks which will make the wave push towards your turret. Also if you don't push yourself he will auto-push even faster. If he's this far out and trying to harass you under your turret he is prone to getting ganked, even with ward coverage.” - Proyoso


League’s ultimate assassin and one of Faker’s signature champs. Ask any ADC main and they’ll tell you: the sight of Zed diving past your tanks and scribbling his “X” on top of you is a recipe for post-traumatic stress. He’s a beast to lane against, poking with his shurikens, jumping between shadow forms, massive all-in potential. You duel the Master of Shadows at your peril, but he’s not immortal. Check out the following tips and in no time you’ll be the one chanting “Zed’s dead!”


“Step 1: Accept that Zed has a good and safe laning phase. This is something unique compared to other assassins and it is something that is definitely something taken advantage of by Zed players. You aren't getting anywhere by complaining about his safety… Take advantage of how predictable he is. He is the most predictable assassin, period. Especially in late game where his only true kill potential in team fights is a good ult, you KNOW what he is doing. You have time to react, you have time to process what exactly Zed is trying to do. You have to either CC him right when he becomes target-able, use your magic counter items (Zhonya’s Hourglass, etc), or just kill him before he can deal any damage to you, making his ‘pop’ irrelevant.” - TheSlogs

“One word: Stopwatch.” - WeHuntTnite

“Remember Zed’s ult teleports him behind you so if you have CC make sure to cast it backwards when he ults. If you are Veigar, for example, place the cage on top of yourself during the animation.” - Fedora Noodle

“Play Vladimir, since in addition to being able to dodge Zed's R every single time with pool, you have a range advantage and you can simply outsustain him and push him out little by little. You also outscale him hard. The only danger is your early-game vulnerability, so you'll still need to learn the basics of how to deal with Zed in general, which mostly just revolves around dodging his shit.” - Tides Of Blood


Daggers for days. So many daggers. When Katarina launches into her deadly, knife-flinging pirouette, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in a blender. Her gap-closer Shunpo makes her a deadly force when roaming bot to carve up low-health opponents. A fed Katarina can turn an early-game snowball into a proper avalanche if you’re not careful. Need help declawing Kat? We’ve got you covered


“You need to play against her ambitions. People have different playstyles, but when they pick Katarina, they WILL try to get kills. Deny that by saving abilities till she goes in. Also, most Katarina players consider point and click CC to have insanely low skill floor and risk-to-reward ratio. Just picking Pantheon, Lulu and Skarner together is enough to make half of Katarina players tilt in the loading screen.” - Izayeth

“Kassadin wins trades easily and Malzahar can shove her in easily. Or you could freeze the wave at your turret and call your jungler over to gank her if she walks up too far for the CS.” - Cocho

“The most effective way of tilting Kat has to be Guardian Angels, CC, tanks and Hexdrinker. The whole enemy team buying GAs is the worst tilter as you know you won't be getting any of those resets.” - Trulse drinktea

“Kat's ability to tilt opponents can become really useful at times. If I snowball my lane I can then camp bot lane and get them behind as well, and that pits the enemy team against each other. Kat thrives against uncoordinated teams, so it’s great when they start blaming each other instead of actually focusing. If you want to counter Kat, DO NOT WALK ON DAGGERS. People say there is no time to react to Kat when there is the 1.5 seconds its takes daggers to land. But that delay is meaningless if the dagger is already on the floor. Just pick champions like Lulu, as she heavily counters everything Katarina does, even when Kat is ahead. Good midlane matchups are Diana, Malzahar or other heavy-CC champs.” - JA70330


One of the scariest sights in League is seeing the enemy team’s Vayne off in a side lane free-farming. You know it’s only a matter of time before she starts shredding health bars. One of the most slippery bot-lane carries, she can dive-roll out of the way of your skill shots, pin you to terrain with her Condemn ability and pack a wallop with her three-hit passive. Whether she’s chasing you, or kiting backward, she can be tough to deal with. Here’s some help coping with the Night Hunter before it’s lights out.


“If you're playing a poke ADC with a poke support, you can push Vayne in and tilt her by going as close to outer limits of the tower range as possible to auto-attack her for every creep. There's even a neat trick where you can be slightly in tower range and attack her, and be out of tower range before they fire the first shot so it cancels.” - EmeraldK64

“In late game point-and-click CC can really screw her over. Think Maokai root, Teemo blind and any other form of CC that is easy to hit on her. She won't be able to enter the teamfight without those key abilities being used.” - Juliandroid98

“The best tactic for playing against a Vayne is to apply pressure to her in the early stages of the game. Once she comes online she is a real threat. Poking her down, zoning her from farm and having pressure from outside sources (jungler, mid-laner, TP ganks) will also help with keeping her in check. You'll never 100% stop a Vayne from scaling but you can definitely slow her down which gives your team more breathing room to close out the game.” - Antenora