It’s time to stop dying while typing. Emotes let you react in real-time with a customizable loadout of in-game reactions. To celebrate launch, everyone will get a free thumbs-up emote to equip and try out!

Get started by equipping emotes in your Collections tab.

Equip emotes to a wheel with five slots. In your loadout, there are two extra slots for emotes that will automatically flash at the start of the game and at the end of a win (read: so you don’t sit there and try to time it exactly right when you should be killing the nexus).

Once you get into game, the default keybind for the emote wheel will be T, but you can rebind it like any other key (looking at you, Lee Sin mains).

If you’re on the fast track to Tilt City, you can individually mute emotes via the scoreboard. We’re also adding a “mute enemy emotes” option in the in-game settings. Emotes will also “break” and go on cooldown if you take any champion damage while emoting.

You can find your emotes in the new Emotes tab in the store.

Emotes will be available for 450 RP each, but to celebrate launch, each individual emote will be snaggable for 350 RP, and we’ll also offer an Emote Starter Set of five emotes, with one exclusive to the bundle, for 975 RP. Both will be available until November 7, 2017, at 07:59 GMT.

Post-launch, you’ll start to see emotes make their way into recurring bundle sales and individual sales rotations.

If you have any other questions, you can check out our FAQ.

Please emote responsibly.