You’ve put a lot of work into levelling up your League of Legends account, which is why it’s important to protect it. There are several ways of losing control of your account, including the champions and skins you’ve earned over time. Others can hijack control of your account. Or you can draw a permanent ban by voluntarily sharing your account with friends. If you want to be sure you don’t encounter these issues, read on for some useful advice!

Officer Vi says:

"Caring means sharing – unless it's your account!"

It's your account. Think twice before sharing!

Your collection of champions and skins, friends list, ranked placement - you put a lot of effort into all of these things. If a friend asks to borrow your account log-in details so they can play League, encourage them to create an account of their own. The process only takes a few minutes and is completely free. The best part is you'll be able to play together!

Does your friend want to play on your account to try out a champion? That's what the free weekly rotation is all about. No need to compromise your account just to save them a few days of waiting.

If someone plays a game on your account, something important is lost: its personality. This could prove detrimental in future games, since you might run into players whose levels differ greatly from your own.

For a variety of reasons, some of which we’ve mentioned above, account-sharing goes against our terms of use and can result in your account being permanently banned.

If you suspect that someone has access to your account or might know your log-in details, protect it!

Officer Caitlyn says:

"When it comes to phishing attempts, don’t take the bait."

Don’t get tricked into sharing your log-in details!

Be very careful when you click! Be careful when you click! Many sites make elaborate promises with the sole intention of stealing your account username and password.

Sites that offer free RP and skins are never trustworthy. The only way to obtain skins or RP is by purchasing them legitimately.

It’s always a good idea to check the trustworthiness of third-party links before entering your account log-in details to access information or download files. To ensure you're keeping safe, check out these official links.

Even if you've played with a particular person a few times, or you know them from school or work, be wary of clicking on any links you receive in chat that appear suspicious. Accounts are often compromised and can be used to steal other accounts.

If you ever get a note in chat asking for your account password, notify Player Support immediately! There’s a good chance the sender’s account has been compromised, and we can disable it before additional damage is done.

Riot Blitzcrank says:

"Don’t settle for a weak, easy-to-guess password!"

A strong password will keep the bad guys out.

Choose a password with numbers, special characters and a combination of upper and lower case letters.

When creating a password, don't use words that appear in your email address or user name. That makes it much easier to crack.

Don't write your password on a text document or Post-It Note attached to the corner of your monitor like Dr. Mundo! Anyone can see it and steal the information.

Also avoid using your game password in other places, especially your email account. If you can't access the game, you can always recover your account via your email address. But if you can't access your email, things get tricky.

Verify your email! That way you'll be notified if anyone tries to change your password. Don't know how? Learn all about it here.

Special Forces Gangplank says:

"Buying an account can backfire!?"

Don't lose your money!

Want to know what happens when you buy an account? Nothing good unfortunately. Either the player who sold it uses the information to recover the account, or the account is reported and banned permanently.

Even if the account you buy seems worth more than you paid for it, remember that accounts are free. The only way to be certain that you will not lose an account is to create it from scratch and level it up yourself. Any shortcut just isn’t worth the risk.

Many of the accounts on sale are stolen. Don't allow these vendors to trick you or the person from whom they originally acquired the account.

Buying accounts also violates League’s terms of use. If you buy MMR manipulation services, or an account with a different MMR, your account or the account you bought will be banned permanently since this has a negative impact on the quality of other players' experience.

Riot K-9 Nasus says:

"Your account is only as secure as your computer!"

Time to get that anti-virus software up to date.

Accounts are lost occasionally and none of the aforementioned measures can be applied because the player’s computer is not secure.

Be careful with the programs you download and where you store your information.

Keep your computer’s operating system up-to-date! If you need more information, check out the details here.

Updating your browser is also important. Keep in mind most of the information you send and receive passes through it.

And, of course, always keep your antivirus software updated! And, of course, always keep your anti-virus software updated! We can help you with that.

If you suspect that your computer has a virus, make sure that it's safe to proceed and then change both your email and League of Legends account passwords to avoid possible risks.

Riot Graves says:

"Verify your email for maximum peace of mind!"

Email-verification is the Zhonya’s of account security.

Verifying your email makes it harder for bad guys to steal your account, it’s that simple. There are several places where you can start your verification – on the signup page where you create your account; on your Account Management page; or directly in the client with a special button we’ll be adding shortly.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the steps and we’ll guide you through. As a bonus, we’ll even throw in a perk for verifying your account.

Now let’s quickly recap the best ways to keep your account secure:

Always play on your own account! Don't buy it or share it with others, even friends that seem trustworthy.

Don't fall for spam offers that promise free skins or RP. The people who run these sites are out to steal your account.

Choose a secure password that is different from the one you use for your email account!

Don't buy MMR manipulation. This is illegal and could cause your account to be banned permanently.

Don't click on links or download programs from unreliable sources or you can risk having your information stolen.

Verify your email for an added layer of account security.