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Athens ‘19 Tickets | Rally Together

Buy your tickets now for the LEC Summer Finals, 7-8 September at OAKA Indoor Sports Center in Athens, Greece.
2 weeks ago

BeNeLux Premier League summer split kicked off!

The Benelux Premier League has kicked off again with eight teams competing for a prize pool of 4,000 euros and a place in the upcoming EU Masters summer split 2019. BPL’s winner will defend the honours of the Benelux and try to prove itself as the strongest region. The Group Stage was completed last Wednesday the 24th of July, and the Elimination Stage starts on the 10th of August. The BPL can be watched live at Inside Esports on Fox Sports or Twitch (
3 weeks ago

New Little Legends are coming to the Convergence!

The Moontipped Hushtail, Jade Paddlemar, and Jeweled Protector join their friends in the Convergence.
3 weeks ago

PROJECT 2019 Event Guide

Download a full analysis on the PROJECT 2019 Pass, loot, and skins.
3 weeks ago

Curb EUr Enthusiasm

Papa is touring the set of the LEC and bumping into a few familiar faces. From quickstats, a rap battle, Between 2 Iverns and Medi Vedi, he gets the true EU experience.
3 weeks ago


Show no mercy as PROJECT: Pyke (Legendary), Irelia, Jinx, Akali, and Warwick.
3 weeks ago

Lux Trade Paperback Pre-Order

Pre-order the newest League of Legends trade paperback comic featuring Lux, The Lady Luminosity. Estimated Ship Date - November 2019.
3 weeks ago

/dev: State of Modes

The future of TFT, ARURF, Nexus Blitz, ARAM, Twisted Treeline, and more.
3 weeks ago