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G2 Esports: The Dominant

G2 Esports have dominated Europe. Can anybody match this team?
3 days ago

Women in Esports w/ Sjokz | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 5

Froskurinn and Sjokz share their honest experience of working in esports. Timestamps in the YouTube description.
3 days ago

Watch UKLC Week 1 live right now!

Semifinals start at 6pm GMT. Who will be our first tower champion?
4 days ago

Fnatic vs SK Gaming: 9 things to look for

The League of Legends El Clasico is back but with a twist.
4 days ago

LEC Mic Check: Week 4

How did G2 react to the fastest win in European history? Find out more on #LEC Mic Check.
5 days ago

UKLC Week 1 Preview

Drama, thrills, and a battle of wills between the finest League of Legends players in the UK.
5 days ago

Words of Legends: What is Feeding?

New to League of Legends? Let us help you out with some of the frequently used vocabulary.
5 days ago

New Epic skins: Valentine’s Day 2019

Don’t just break hearts. Smash them.
6 days ago