Champion and skin sale: Time surfing

By Zilean

This sand is always getting in my bombs – the desert is no fun at all! I'm Shurima Desert Zilean, and I spend my free time elsewhere… in time. It's always good to reach into the past and futures of my foes to find their weakness. Embarrassing stories from their youth are a nice touch. 487 RP


Fiddle Me Timbers has been feared across the seven seas for ages. Apparently this plank walks you. I can't help myself. Don't worry, if you didn't catch the joke I can rewind it for you. 375 RP


I spotted Earthrune Skarner looking rather silly as an elderly scorpion. Oh well, I suppose everybody goes through their fashion phases; even I had my groovy turns back in the day. 260 RP


Ziggs is quite the character. Of course, he's playing with firecrackers in his youth. All's well that ends well, I suppose. 487 RP


Even as a child Leona was a stoic defender. Whenever smaller children were being picked on, she'd take the bully to task. She's been bonking foes in the head with her shield for years. 440 RP


When I went to check on how Wukong was as a whippersnapper, I went a bit too far back in time and caught him as a wee babe. I didn't learn anything about the Wuju adept besides that he was the cutest baby Runeterra had ever seen. 440 RP


You can't time travel like me, but you can nab these skins and champs on sale from April 26 to April 29.

6 years ago

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