Champion-themed wards in store now

By RiotWenceslaus

If you've been hankering for some new ward skins, we've got some good news for you. The first run of permanent, non-seasonal wards is now hot off the presses into the League of Legends store.

To help you rep a trio of your favorite champs wherever you're laning, these new ward skins are all themed after members of the League of Legends lineup. You'll find them in the wards tab of the store for 640 RP once the new patch lands:

  • Lux: light the way with some wand-shaped warding
  • Soraka: let the cosmos guide you by picking up Starchild wards
  • Draven: fly your League of Draven colors proudly with the official ward of the Glorious Executioner

If you're a super-passionate ward-enthusiast or just like a little variety you can also snag all three as a bundle for 1632 RP.

It's a good day to buy a Sight Stone, summoners. Happy warding, and we'll see you on the Fields of Justice.

Update: We've added this bundle back in the store for a few days. It'll expire again on 23.10.

6 years ago

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