Most Recent Store Update News

Compensation tokens for ARCADE pass holders

A bug caused some rewards to go afk.
3 months ago

RP update: Cost and refunds

We’re updating our global pricing and refund policies on March 5th.
8 months ago

Unlock the Elementalist border while you can

The time to pick up the Elemental Origin border and Elementalist Icon is almost up.
2 years ago


Acquire this cache to complete the First Strike and unlock unique loading screen cards for new PROJECT skins.
3 years ago

Hextech Mystery Champion Shards arrive

Hextech Mystery Champion Shards are here! Each shard grants a champ shard so you can unlock those level 6 and 7 masteries faster-y.
3 years ago

Store Visual Update Incoming

We're making some visual changes to the store and wanted to give you a heads up before everything goes live.
3 years ago

Figure Fest is coming 27.11.15!

Prepare yourself! Figure Fest arrives full force on 27.11! From the Rift to your desk, all figures 30% off or get any two for €30. Festivities end 04.12., so don't miss the celebration. Preview all the new figures joining the collection now.
3 years ago

Legacy esports and SSW skins say goodbye for now

The legacy esports and SSW skins head to the vault.
4 years ago

2015 MSI Mystery Gifting

You have double the chance of unlocking an esports team, championship, or Legendary skin through May 15.
4 years ago

We’re relaxing gifting restrictions!

You asked for looser restrictions on gifting so we’re relaxing them across the board.
4 years ago