Chroma IP sales: Available now

By kantayams

Heads up! The first chroma IP sale of the year is coming from 22/3/2017 06:00 GMT until 5/4/2017 07:59 GMT. As we mentioned when Chromas 1.1 launched, IP sales roll out for new chromas five months or more after launch. UPDATE: After their first IP sale, chromas will return every other IP sale (this means chromas from last year’s sale will return after this one).

Snag your favorites for 2000 IP per chroma. Chromas that are overdue for an Early Sale will also be available for 195 RP each. Check out the breakdown below. We’ll smooth out this process so that moving forward, chromas will join Early Sales first and then have an IP sale.

Chromas IP Sale (2000 IP per chroma) RP Sale (195 RP per chroma)
High Noon Yasuo x
Shockblade Zed x
Arcade Miss Fortune x
Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao x
Cottontail Teemo x
Debonair Ezreal
Mecha Malphite
Battle Bunny Riven
Lunar Goddess Diana
Dunkmaster Darius

2 years ago

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