50% off bundle of the Championship winning team

By Riot Romulus

On October 5, SK Telecom T1 claimed the Summoner's Cup in an explosive victory at the Staples Center. To celebrate, we're putting the five champs they used to claim the Cup--and bonus skins--into a 50% off bundle! As always, this bundle is flexible in cost, meaning the final bundle price will automatically adjust to reflect only what's new to your collection. The bundle will be in the store from October 5 to October 12.

World Championship Winners bundle

  • 50% off at 2625 RP (4635 RP if champions needed)

Gragas and Gragas, Esq.


Jarvan IV and Darkforge Jarvan IV


Jax and Nemesis Jax


Corki and Urfrider Corki


Zyra and Wildfire Zyra

6 years ago

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