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Dunkmaster Darius Accessories

"It's game time." Rep The Hand of Noxus with a new pin pack, headband, or mousepad.
5 days ago

Limited Edition MSI Trials Mousepads

Each house stands strong. The trials begin. Rep your house with official Limited Edition Trials 2019 Mousepads featuring the house crests of The Council, The United, The Faceless, and The Warband.
1 week ago

Dunkmaster Darius Basketball Shorts

"I don't need a buzzer to tell me when to start dominating." Bring home victory to the most fearsome empire of Runetera in your own Dunkmaster Darius Basketball Shorts.
1 week ago

Dunkmaster Basketball Jersey

"Whose house? My house." Get your game on with the official Dunkmaster Darius basketball jersey, fully ready to be played in.
2 weeks ago

Dunkmaster Darius XL Figure

"The dunk prophecies are true. Darius has arrived." Darius jukes his way into the Series 3 lineup as Special Edition #10 XL to introduce his own Dunkmaster Collection.
2 weeks ago

Season 2019 Snapbacks

Available in Blue or White, our newest hats let you rep the game you love.
2 weeks ago

Season 2019 Tees

Show off your mastery of League of Legends with new "Logo" & "Lanes" tees.
3 weeks ago

Season 2019 Apparel

The world of Runeterra is where legends are made. Take pride in your victories, defeats, and accomplishments on the Rift with these sleek and warm hoodie and sweatpants.
3 weeks ago

Xayah & Rakan Accessories

This pair of Vastaya are back to give your home a mischievous touch as our newest mugs and coaster set.
3 weeks ago

Limited Edition Invictus Gaming Fine Art Print

Limited Edition hand-numbered giclee print featuring IG splash art, printed gold ink signatures, and an embossed Worlds 2018 Logo. Includes exclusive IG Summoner Icon with purchase.
4 weeks ago