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Ending Support for macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9

On February 28, League will stop supporting macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9 versions.
6 months ago

Dev Doodles: Sylas

Real devs. Real stories. Real doodles.
7 months ago

UKLC Week 1 Preview

Drama, thrills, and a battle of wills between the finest League of Legends players in the UK.
7 months ago

Meet the UKLC teams!

Nine different stories, attitudes and ambitions. Who will you support?
7 months ago

Ask Riot: Ranked and More Ranked

Placement games, position ranks, decay, and more.
7 months ago

UK Content Creators Try Sylas

Unshackled melody.
7 months ago

Skins in Season 2019

Join IAmCarlos as he reveals which themes will show up in 2019—and which champs will finally get another skin.
7 months ago

Universe in Season 2019

Join Ghostcrawler for a preview of where Runeterra is heading and which stories you’ll see next.
7 months ago

Champions in Season 2019

Join Riot Reav3 as he takes you through the roadmap of 2019’s champions.
7 months ago

Ranked & Gameplay

Join Safelocked as she shares some first details on ranked, normal, and rotating gameplay in League.
7 months ago