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UK Content Creators Try Sylas

Unshackled melody.
4 months ago

Skins in Season 2019

Join IAmCarlos as he reveals which themes will show up in 2019—and which champs will finally get another skin.
4 months ago

Universe in Season 2019

Join Ghostcrawler for a preview of where Runeterra is heading and which stories you’ll see next.
5 months ago

Champions in Season 2019

Join Riot Reav3 as he takes you through the roadmap of 2019’s champions.
5 months ago

Ranked & Gameplay

Join Safelocked as she shares some first details on ranked, normal, and rotating gameplay in League.
5 months ago

/dev diary: Position Ranks Explained

Riot Sapmagic and Riot Gortok outline the plan for position ranks in 2019 and answer your questions.
5 months ago

/dev: Position Ranks in Action

We’re back to lay out how position ranks will play out for you this season.
5 months ago

Year in Review 2018

Check out this season’s most memorable events, your personal milestones, and updates!
5 months ago

/dev: Strats and Stats in Odyssey: Extraction

What percentage of players survived the Onslaught?
5 months ago

/dev: Rocking on the Rift

Guitar riffs, following inspiration to create the music for Eclipse Leona, raw behind-the-scenes videos, and new sheet music.
6 months ago