Most Recent Editorial News

Micropatches Save Anivia

A bug nearly disabled Anivia after she became the Festival Queen. How’d we keep the fiesta—and frostbite—going?
8 months ago

/dev: On Sound Design for the Dragon Sorceress

How’d we create the vocals for Zyra’s darling dragons?
8 months ago

Riot Pls: 2017 Dev Plans

What’s in store for League in 2017? Lead Producer New001 gives an overview.
8 months ago

Making a Splash with Reference Photos

Before a drop of digital ink hits the canvas, splash artists often take pictures to reference.
8 months ago

What Happens When I Press Q?

Whenever you do anything in League, a miraculous technological journey begins where everything can go horribly wrong. Player Support presents the story of what happens when you press Q.
8 months ago

Before There’s Splash Art, There’s Feeney Art

Why we use (super high-quality) placeholder art.
9 months ago

/dev: On 2016’s New Champs

Six new champions hit the Rift last year. What went right, what went wrong, and what did we learn?
9 months ago

Rigging a Nightmare: Tech Art and the Little Devil

What do tech artists do, and how’d they help make League’s most diabolical Yordle even more hellish?
9 months ago

/dev Diary: Ghostcrawler on League’s Rate of Change

What’s the reasoning behind League’s frequent updates, and how much change is too much?
9 months ago

/dev: On League’s Business Model

How does Riot think about making money?
10 months ago