The Mac Client is Updating to 64-bit

By Riot Aperoll

Hi everyone,

Starting in April 2019 (patch 9.7), we’re updating the League Mac client from 32-bit to 64-bit.

Why is Riot doing this?

Last year Apple announced that the upcoming 2019 version of macOS won't run 32-bit applications. Though League still works on the current version (Mojave), we want to stay ahead of the curve and plan accordingly.

What do I have to do?

Nothing! The client will hit live when patch 9.7 is released, all you have to do is log in and patch like normal. You'll automatically switch over to 64-bit, no giant download or reinstall needed. If you want to double check once 9.7 is live, the bottom left hand corner of the loading screen will say "Mac Beta Version (64-bit)".

Will this affect my games?

You probably won't notice any significant differences when we make this update, other than the end of game Victory/Defeat animations turning into static images. If anything else seems weird, please send in a report to player support!

Help! I haven’t upgraded recently, can I still play League?

League will continue to work on OS X versions 10.10 or later. The change to 64-bit doesn’t change our min-specs.

Any plans for Metal API?

We're looking into what efforts are needed to support Mac on Metal and will keep everyone updated.

9 months ago

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