Ending Support for macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9

By RiotAether

Hey Mac players, we're giving you a heads-up that at the end of this month, we're updating the oldest version of macOS we support from macOS 10.8.5 to macOS 10.10. This is a "soft" update, which means those of you still playing on 10.8.5 or any 10.9 version won't suddenly be unable to log in to League. Rather, we won't be testing or guaranteeing functionality on these versions anymore, meaning things'll break in small pieces over time as we update parts of the client and game.

Why is Riot doing this?

Apple no longer releases technical or security updates for macOS versions earlier than 10.12, and Chromium (the service that powers the League client) no longer supports macOS versions earlier than 10.10. With each patch, we have to spend more and more time keeping League secure and functional for a population that's getting smaller and smaller—time we could otherwise spend making new stuff.

In Chromium's case, we're also unable to take advantage of newer technology to improve the client because those tools aren't compatible with macOS versions earlier than 10.10.

How many players will be affected by this change?

At the time of writing, fewer than 0.01% of players players globally will be affected by this update.

When exactly is this going to happen?

Since this is a soft update, it doesn't have to be tied to a patch. We're choosing February 28 as a clean breakpoint to make the change.

If I'm affected by the update, how can I make sure I'll still be able to play League?

You'll still be able to play League for a while since we're not actually turning anything off, but your experience will get worse over time as we make changes and improvements to the game that are incompatible with macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9. You'll need to update to 10.10 or higher to guarantee a functional experience.

8 months ago

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