Most Recent Editorial News

GIANTS & POP/STARS: Making Music with Sound Design

A behind-the-scenes look at how we designed sound effects for the K/DA and True Damage skins.
1 week ago

Ask Riot: Riot GameS

This week, we’re answering your questions about TFT Mobile, Legends of Runeterra, and more.
2 weeks ago

/dev: The Latest on Clash

Clash returns for a global beta this preseason!
3 weeks ago

/dev: TFT Set 1 Learnings

Champion balance, randomness, rate of changes, disables, counters, and more.
1 month ago

Dev Doodles: K/DA

Pop. Hip-hop. Power ballads. There are so many flavors of K-pop—how do you choose the right one?
1 month ago

Champion Roadmap: October 2019

A new marksman, a new juggernaut, Senna, Fiddlesticks, and Volibear.
1 month ago

/dev: Let’s Talk About URF

We’re bringing back URF as a one-time experiment to celebrate League’s 10-year anniversary.
1 month ago

Preseason Gameplay Goals

An early look at the direction for preseason, with more details to come on October 16.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Worlds Tokens & Meta

What else can I get with Worlds tokens? Do you choose the meta for Worlds? Where’s exp from TFT?
1 month ago

TFT Update: Numbers & What’s Next

Why we think TFT has long-term potential and where we’re headed in 2020.
1 month ago