What’s next for Clash?

By Riot IAmWalrus

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your patience so far with Clash. The launch weekend obviously didn’t go as planned, so we thought we’d share what happened, what we’re doing for those of you who missed out, and what’s next for Clash.

What happened during the launch weekend?

As soon as the first tournaments for Clash were starting in the Philippines and Oceania, we realised games were not starting and teams were automatically losing, something that we had not seen in this fashion or scale in internal testing or regional betas across Vietnam, Turkey, both European servers, North America, and Korea.

We started pulling in engineers from across Riot to help triage, but because the global rollout was ongoing, we had to scramble to find a fix as soon as we could. Unfortunately, more and more regions were due to roll out while we were actively working on finding the source, forcing us to make late cancellations.

As our confidence dropped in finding a fix on Friday and the knowledge that teams across the world were ready to go and set time aside to play, we made the call to cancel Clash for the rest of the weekend and regroup for a relaunch as soon as we could.

What’s happening for players who were affected?

We apologise for the inconvenience of getting your teams together, making time to play and ultimately not being able to. We’re giving out some one-time freebies to make up for it, which are detailed below:

First, we’ll be returning all used tickets to your account if they were spent. Further, as a thank you for your patience, we’d like to offer a bonus for everyone who was on a pending or active roster of 2 players or more. We’ll be granting a Clash Orb containing a 3 win XP boost, two Clash team logos, one for MSI and the second at random, and a shard for a 750 RP skin.

This will be added to your Loot tab by June 3.

What’s next for Clash?

Before we try to release Clash again, we want to be as confident as possible before announcing a new global launch date. We believe we’ve pinpointed the underlying issue, but we need to keep testing, and are implementing more diagnostics to see if our fixes are working out. We’ll be testing Clash in one-day betas in every region. More details will follow!

Once again, we’re sorry for how things went down, and we’ll be working flat out until we’re sure we can confidently launch Clash to everyone.

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