Riot Games Merch Store Beta Now Live

By Bradmore

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of the Riot Games Merch Store. Players have been asking for official merch for a while, and we wanted to make sure that we created an experience that felt authentic to the LoL universe. To do this, we spent the last year putting together our initial store and developing products that capture some of our favorite parts about League.

The store is still under development, and although it’s ready to go for beta, we are going to continue to work to level up the overall merch experience. Expect to see real-time changes during the beta as we evolve the site and merch catalog. Our primary focus is on learning, adapting, and evolving in order to ensure that we ultimately deliver a merch experience that raises the bar on awesome.  We’re excited to share the site and look forward to shaping the experience with you along the way.

Go to The Riot Games Merch Store

Learn more about the Beta launch:

4 years ago

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