Our Stance on 3rd Party Applications

By Riot tmx

We often hear questions about what types of third-party apps Riot considers acceptable, and which are ban-worthy. To help clarify our terms of service, here’s our official stance on third party applications:

No software should interfere directly with the in-game player experience between when you press “Play” and the end of game screen.

You shouldn’t use any applications that violate this statement, and our Player Support team may take action against your account if you do. As long as an application doesn’t touch the in-game experience between "Play" and the end-of-game screen, players should feel free to use it at their own risk.

We’ve arrived at this policy for a few reasons:

  • Our top priority is to preserve the consistency of the in-game experience.
  • We strive to make League the most sportsmanlike, competitive game.
  • We do want to empower the community to contribute to experiences outside of the in-game League experience.

When you download League of Legends, we want it to be the complete experience -- you shouldn't have to go digging for other apps and add-ons just to stay competitive.

It's also important that the games you play are stable and secure, and 3rd party applications can potentially affect the stability of the core League experience.

In addition to the above, some programs or applications can warp your interactions with other players and have a direct impact on the quality of the experience.

Outside of the core game experience, we love all the other things that the community has created: websites that have champion guides, stats, videos, fan art -- you name it.

This policy allows for all the cool stuff, but also enables us to disallow anything that directly integrates in-between the in-game experience and after-game stats.

5 years ago

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