Honor 5 Chromas coming soon

By Riot IAmWalrus

Update: Lots of you have pointed out that our initial announcement promised both Honor 5 chromas, not just one. To make good on our original promise, this year only, all Honor 5 players will get two Honor 5 tokens instead of one. (This means a first-time Honor 5 player can get both skins this season, or a skin and its chroma.)

If you've been super honorable (and a little lucky) for the past few seasons, you might already have both exclusive Honor 5 reward skins: Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick. When patch 9.16 launches, we're adding chromas for both skins as a way to recognize the most sportsmanlike players. We'll add new chromas for these skins each season to keep the rewards coming.

THIS YEAR ONLY, your 2019 Honor 5 capsule will contain TWO Honor 5 tokens that can be redeemed for Medieval Twitch, Grey Warwick, or one of these new chromas (if you already own the base skin). If Twitch is your one true love, you can go right for his new chroma instead of picking up Grey Warwick up! (Sorry, doggo.) Capsules also contain a random emote or ward skin. In future years, Honor 5 capsules will contain one Honor 5 token

We also know a bunch of you have already hit Honor 5—great work! If you already owned both Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch when you received your Honor 5 Capsule this year, we’ll send you two Honor 5 tokens during patch 9.16 so you can redeem for both of these new chromas.

Fight honorably, and we'll see you on the Rift!

4 months ago

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