Riot Merch is Live!

By Azrael

We launched the Riot Games merch store to give you new ways to connect with League of Legends and extend that experience beyond the game with lovingly crafted, high-quality products. And maybe, just maybe, help you find a new duo-queue partner when a random stranger recognises your champion t-shirt at the bus stop.

We’re excited to announce that a fresh batch of items has just hit the store, touching everything from plushies to hoodies to champ figures! We’re on a continuing mission to increase the variety of designs, champions and price tiers so you have a broader variety of options.

The merch store is still in its early days and our focus is on learning, adapting and evolving to offer you the best possible merch experience possible.


Visit the merch store now to check out the new items we’ve just added!

4 years ago

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