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Honor 5 Chromas coming soon

New chromas for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick hit PBE this week and go live in patch 9.16!
1 month ago

Teamfight Tactics Showdown

Watch the top Teamfight Tactics streamers battle it out in our first-ever TFT tournament.
2 months ago

Norway: Pay by mobile? You’re about to get more RP!

From Thursday, June 27, a new pricing structure will go live in Norway that gives players more RP per payment.
2 months ago

Account transfers are temporarily disabled

Due to technical difficulties, free transfers to Turkey campaign is also on hold.
3 months ago

Get ready for Twitch Rivals League of Legends Streamer Tournament

To celebrate the first TwitchCon Europe, we are partnering with Twitch to host an all EU streamer lineup for Twitch Rivals: League of Legends TwitchCon Europe Country Showdown on Wednesday the 3rd of April.
5 months ago

Red Bull joins the LEC!

The Spring regular season is wrapping up, which means it’s time to announce another partner for 2019!
6 months ago

Support for Windows XP and Vista Ending Soon

When patch 9.10 launches, League will stop supporting Windows XP and Vista. Details here.
9 months ago

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1 year ago

Listening to Clash feedback from EU players

EU players had a lot of feedback for us over the past weekend, and we wanted to highlight how we handled Clash announcement timings.
1 year ago

What’s next for Clash?

The Clash launch didn’t go so well. Here’s what happened and what we’re doing about it.
1 year ago