Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass Update

By Riot Beernana

Hey everyone,

The first chapter of the Beta Pass is coming to an end. While the pass was active in some regions with Teamfight Tactic's launch, other regions had their pass and mission system delayed in order to preserve server stability. The end date for the pass is different in each region so that, in the end, everyone will have had the pass for four weeks. Quick disclaimer here: You won't be able to complete missions or claim rewards once the pass is turned off, even if you were in a game or waiting for a game to complete when the pass turns off. The following dates and times are the official end points:


JPJuly 2322:59 BST
OCEJuly 2320:59 BST
TR/RUJuly 2423:59 BST
PH/TH/SGJuly 2521:59 BST
BRJuly 2617:59 BST

The second chapter of the Beta Pass will start on patch 9.16 for all regions! It'll contain similar missions and prizes to the first, but we'll probably shake things up a bit after that. We're stoked about the passion and excitement you've shown during the launch of TFT and we want to continue celebrating by giving out more free stuff. We're still figuring out the longer-term progression system in TFT, so keep sending us your feedback on the Beta Pass.

That's it for now, see you in the Convergence.

4 months ago

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