Most Recent Patch News

Mid-patch 6.14 balance update

Bringing Sona back into line following her changes in the initial patch.
2 years ago

Patch 6.14 notes

A grab bag of changes warp in this patch with Ryze’s update at the head!
3 years ago

Patch 6.13 notes

Supports get some love this patch and we bring a few top lane outliers back in line.
3 years ago

Patch 6.12 notes

/Remake and alt. map Champ Mastery are on the horizon, accompanied by numerous ARAM adjustments.
3 years ago

Patch 6.11 notes

Hammering out a few balance outliers as the pro scene ramps up for the summer.
3 years ago

Mid-patch Taliyah update

We’re giving a few light buffs to Taliyah between patches.
3 years ago

Patch 6.10 notes

Followup to the Midseason update.
3 years ago

Mid-patch 6.9 balance update

Mid-patch adjustments for Malzahar, Cassiopeia, Vladimir & Swain, plus a few bugfixes.
3 years ago

Patch 6.9 notes

Midseason is here.
3 years ago

Patch 6.8 notes

Toning down lane sustain and bringing a few champ builds in line in this outrageous patch.
3 years ago