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Welcome to Dark Horses, where we dive deep into League’s roster in search of sleeper picks on the cusp of waking up. In this special edition, we’re sharing our adoration for Draven. This muscle-bound marksman is ready to take off in any role—whether you’re talking support, jungle, top, mid, ultra-mid, ultra-ultra-top, or raid boss.

Welcome to the League of Draven

As a marksman, Draven’s blend of movement speed and pure damage make him the obvious choice for some good old fashioned bot lane beatdowns. But the Glorious Executioner is more than just damage tuned to the key of whirling axes; he’s a Draven-size-fits-all solution to every problem on the Rift.


Aside from more unconventional tanky picks, most mid-laners are about as tough as vanilla yogurt. Draven’s unreal early, mid, and late-game damage help him burst down any champ who calls mid home. Abyssal Scepter? More like abysmal scepter. Because you’re doing bad. Because Draven keeps killing you.


Farming one camp at a time may be the best plan for weak-in-the-knees traditional junglers, but this is Draven’s world. And in Draven’s world, jungle camps get cleared in bulk. By lining up Draven’s global ultimate in just the right position (see below), you can easily clear 3-5 camps with one cast. And if your ultimate isn’t doing enough damage to kill camps, try buying more items.


If you’re choosing top, you’re clearly the most mechanically-skilled and important member of your team. Pick Draven here and use your superior button-mashing to bully your farm-crazed opponent straight into Tilt Town. Nasus farms minions, Draven farms Nasus…es. Nasusis. Nasi. Whatever.

Tip: Top laners are already trapped in a world of lonely, existential, “Does anything I do matter” angst. Spam Draven’s taunt ad nauseam to expedite their descent into madness.


Much like Alistar or Braum, Draven’s intimidating physical presence should be enough to keep enemy ADCs and supports in check. What Draven lacks in useless attributes like armor and health regen, he more than makes up for with raw power and big muscles. Just one look at the Glorious Executioner and your opponents will likely 1) surrender immediately (this feature is enabled when Draven is in a match) or 2) hide in another lane for the rest of the match. Plus, if you score First Blood with a support Draven, the game automatically awards you three wins.

Where Draven Mid, Support, Jungle, and Top Struggles

Crucial Items for Your Draven Mid, Support, Jungle, and Top Build

Head out there and give Draven mid, support, jungle, and top a try; you’d be an insane person if you didn’t.

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