Most Recent Gameplay News

Teamfight Tactics

Introducing Teamfight Tactics.
6 days ago

Item Shop Cleanup

Hey everyone, we have some broader item work we’re hoping to do later this year and I wanted to share our goals and philosophy for these changes before you start seeing potential updates on the PBE
2 months ago

April Fools VS. Event Mission List

Here is the full Mission & Reward list for the April Fools Event (Ends April 2nd 07:59 CET)
2 months ago

Upcoming Bounty Changes

There are some changes to bounties coming to patch 9.6. We’ve noticed some confusion around the bounty system, and we think we can better explain our philosophy and what is actually going on.
3 months ago

ARURF Extended for 4 More Weeks

Manatees, hold on to your yellow kitchen tools! We're extending ARURF to 9.5 and 9.6!
3 months ago

Ranked /dev Update #3

We’re a month into Season 2019 and today I want to share an update on what issues players are still experiencing, our thoughts on fixing them, and a timeline for next steps.
3 months ago

Champion Weaknesses in 2019

As part of our discussions, we’ve been categorizing common causes of no weaknesses, which tends to happen when a champion is overloaded with too many strengths.
4 months ago

Nexus Blitz Primer: Snowdown Edition

Nexus Blitz is back for a second test this Snowdown! Learn all about the mode here.
6 months ago

Thanks for testing Nexus Blitz!

The Nexus Blitz alpha has ended. We'll be back soon to let you know how it went!
9 months ago

Patch 8.11 Early Look

In two patches, we're releasing changes to marksman runes, items, and stats. Start theorycrafting!
1 year ago