Patcher & Landing Page Refresh on the way

By ventropy

Over the next week or so, we’ll be introducing the first steps of an extensive and ongoing development process to the client. We’re pushing the visual changes to the patcher and client landing page we recently shared with you on PBE to the live experience along with some new core client technology.

When we talk about “the client,” we’re referring to the technology that supports your pre-game experience. Every interaction you have as you’re getting ready for a match is based on interconnected systems and, as a result, maintaining League’s stability outweighs almost every other priority we have when making changes.

So, we chose our first targets for development by looking at the least risky pieces of the client. Updating the look and feel of the patcher and client landing page means we can add new tech, minimize risk, and deliver some neat stuff.

Our first few releases are starting points that’ll provide insight into how we should update additional systems. We’ll be refining and improving the pre-game experience as we go. But let’s look at the new visuals you’ll encounter in the patcher and client landing page.

Share your feedback below and if you’re looking for a deeper dive into the rationale behind the patcher and landing page changes, check out our longer explanation here.

5 years ago

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