Find your IRL friends in League now

By Riot MattEnth

The option to discover which of your Facebook friends play League too is now live in North America! Read on for how it works!

In 5.8, we’re rolling out the in-client option to discover which of your Facebook friends play League too. We’re launching in Turkey first, and expect to roll it out globally in the coming weeks. Read on for how it works!

If you opt-in to the feature, you’ll start seeing friend suggestions near the bottom of your League friends list. From there, you can add your friend on League or just dismiss the notification. That’s literally the only thing this feature does. Here’s what needs to happen for you to see a friend recommendation:

  • Both you and the suggested friend have activated and approved this Facebook feature
  • You are already friends on Facebook
  • You aren’t yet friends on League
  • Neither you nor the suggested friend have previously dismissed the recommendation

When you open a recommendation, you’ll first see your friend by their Facebook icon, full name, and summoner name. If you and your Facebook friend both agree to be LoL friends, you’ll start to be identified by your summoner name and summoner icon (though we’ll pre-populate friends notes with your real name so you can remember who’s who). If you dismiss the recommendation, you won’t appear as a suggested friend for that player.

We’re not being obnoxious with this feature:

  • This feature will never post to your (or anyone else’s) Facebook Timeline
  • People who aren’t your Facebook friends will never see your name, profile picture or profile
  • Not a single byte of your Facebook data will be shared with strangers or other companies
  • This feature is, and always will be entirely optional
  • After approving the feature, you can turn it off at any time

If you’d like to know more, check out our FAQ page, or just ask your questions here!

4 years ago

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