Account Transfers Going on Cooldown

By Riot Cactopus

21/11/17 Edit - Due to technical issues, we're unable to turn server transfers back on at this time. We're currently assessing the problem.

Heads up!

Account transfers will be temporarily unavailable from October 10th until November 20th.

In a few weeks, we’ll start flagging accounts to claim their rewards once preseason kicks off in November. To ensure players don’t miss out on their preseason rewards by transferring servers, we’re going to disable them until November 20th.

If you’re thinking about transferring servers you have two options:

  • Do it before October 10th.
  • After preseason begins in November, play one game to redeem your rewards, then wait until November 20th to transfer.

For details on upcoming changes this preseason, check out the website.

2 months ago

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