Most Recent Competitive News

Preseason ranked update for Masters+ players

To properly test Grandmaster in preseason, top-ranked players will be adjusted down to properly promote or demote into new tiers. Read on for the what’s and why’s.
1 week ago

Recap of Clash test (EUW & EUNE)

In our efforts to get Clash ready for its 2019 re-launch we’ve been running weekend tests in various regions. With the most recent one coming to EUW and EUNE last weekend (Nov 16-18th), we wanted to give our players here in Europe a recap of the participation levels and technical challenges we encountered.
2 weeks ago

The 2018 season is ending

The 2018 season ends November 12 at 23:59 server time. Find out what rewards are on the line!
1 month ago

This weekend’s Clash Beta is postponed

Due to technical issues outside of Clash, we’re rescheduling the Clash beta test this weekend.
1 month ago

End of Season Rewards 2018

Are you victorious? See end of season rewards, complete ranked missions for loot, and climb until the season ends on November 12.
1 month ago

Clash: August 2018 update

Clash is heading back to PBE for three focused tests. We’re implementing a staggered scouting phase to spread out game starts, running through an optimized game flow, and testing out new tools to recover games.
3 months ago

Come play 1 day of Clash on its road to relaunch

Here’s what to expect in the road to relaunch.
6 months ago

Clash is here! - FAQ and Known Issues

The long awaited Clash tournament has arrived and it’s here to stay! Join your friends and engage in a fierce battle against other teams on the Fields of Justice.
6 months ago

Find a team for Clash on!

Even a solo Vayne needs a team for Clash. Sort through players and assemble the team of your dreams.
6 months ago

Clash Trailer: Fight as Five. Win as One.

Battle for the trophy in Clash, League’s new tournament mode for teams. Team up and crush enemies in single-elimination matches for glory and rewards. Assemble your team now. Tournaments begin May 25.
6 months ago