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Patch 9.8 Notes

It's the MSI patch! Kayle and Zed get nerfs and Butcher's Bridge sets sail to the horizon.
2 days ago

Item Shop Cleanup

Hey everyone, we have some broader item work we’re hoping to do later this year and I wanted to share our goals and philosophy for these changes before you start seeing potential updates on the PBE
1 week ago

Esports in the League Friends app!

With the latest update to League Friends on Android and iOS, you can check your league’s schedule and watch VODs on the go.
2 weeks ago

Patch 9.7 notes

Kayle, Urgot, and Sylas get more changes and we head to Butcher's Bridge for a special ARAM event.
2 weeks ago

ARAM - Back to Bilgewater!

Sail back to Butcher's Bridge to hunt for treasure and test out experimental ARAM changes.
2 weeks ago

April Fools VS. Event Mission List

Here is the full Mission & Reward list for the April Fools Event (Ends April 2nd 07:59 CET)
3 weeks ago

New Epic skins: Cats VS Dogs

Who’s the best boye?
3 weeks ago

Patch 9.6 Notes

The one where we explain bounties, buff Urgot, and break double Tear Ezreal.
1 month ago

Ranked 2019—Top Tier Ladder Reset with 9.6

We’re planning to perform the partial ladder reset we discussed in /dev: State of Ranked with Patch 9.6
1 month ago

Challenger Rewards Update for Season 2018

Updates on the Challenger backpacks for Season 2018.
1 month ago