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Lock Your Knockout Stage Picks!

Log in and make your selections before Quarterfinals begin on Oct. 20 at 5:30 AM CEST.
9 hours ago

End of Season Rewards 2018

Are you victorious? See end of season rewards, complete ranked missions for loot, and climb until the season ends on November 12.
4 days ago

Patch 8.20 notes

In a way, patch notes are like a map to the patch... right?
1 week ago

Worlds Pick’em is Coming!

Pick’em is returning for the 2018 World Championship! Go head-to-head against friends, casters and the rest of the League community to see whose powers of prediction will reign supreme. If your picks pan out, you’ll walk away with awesome rewards exclusive to this year’s event.
2 weeks ago

Patch 8.19 notes

8.19 is this year's Worlds patch. Check out the final changes that'll impact the tournament!
3 weeks ago

Learn more: Worlds Season 2018 Event

Six weeks. Three events. One Worlds Pass. Tons of rewards. Welcome to Worlds Season 2018.
3 weeks ago

New event trailer: Worlds Season 2018

Six weeks. Three events. One Worlds Pass. Tons of rewards. Get a look into the premium skins, loot, and more coming this season.
3 weeks ago

Odyssey takes off soon

Grab exclusive Odyssey bundles before they take off on September 25, 2018, at 07:59 BST.
3 weeks ago

The Odyssey Crew Aptitude Test

Welcome to the Morning Star, space ace. Here’s a fancy space quiz that’ll assign you a job on the ship and give you a sweet callsign.
1 month ago

Learn More: Odyssey

Explore the bundles, loot, and missions for the Odyssey event, which runs from September 12 – September 24, 2018.
1 month ago