Where to watch Forge of Champions Tournament 2

By Riot gingerbread

Hello UK players! We’re broadcasting the second Forge of Champions tournament live this week and next, so here’s everything you need to know—what it is, when it takes place and how to watch it unfold.

What is Forge of Champions?

Forge of Champions is the UK’s premiere League of Legends tournament, where teams are competing for £50,000 in prize money as well as two places at the EU Masters later this year. There are four qualifying tournaments before a big grand final event in September.

What’s happening this week?

We’re in the midst of the second qualifying tournament. We started off with an open bracket before the weekend, which anyone in the UK could enter, and the best eight teams from that will now face off against eight teams who used to feature in the UK Premiership.

This week it’s the best-of-three quarterfinals, with two matches each spread across Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th July. The semifinals and final for this qualifying tournament are the same time next week.

How can I watch Forge of Champions? 

We’ll be streaming the whole thing live at https://twitch.tv/lvpuk. Here’s the schedule:


Wednesday 11th July

  • 17:30 BST - Countdown starts
  • 17:45 BST - Preshow starts
  • 18:00 BST - Match 1 starts


Thursday 12th July

  • 17:30 BST - Countdown starts
  • 17:45 BST - Preshow starts
  • 18:00 BST - Match 1 starts

The matches are played online, and we have Tadhg “CelticTiger” Brennan, Joshua “Dowsey” Dowse and Jake “Hiprain” Matthews casting live from the LVP studios in Barcelona. If you’ve tuned in so far then you know to expect pin-sharp analysis and questionable shirts galore.

Where can I find out more?

Everything you could possibly need to know about Forge of Champions—including info on how you and your friends can take part, as well as the current standings towards qualification for the grand final in September—is located at http://www.forgeofchampions.com.

You can also follow LVP UK on Twitter for regular updates and the Riot Games UK Twitter for the big announcements and spiciest memes.

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