Get your tickets now for the EU LCS Summer Split!

By Riot Pente

Hey LCS fans!

Hopefully your vocal chords have had time to recover from all the cheering during All-Star. Because the Summer Split is all set to kick off next Tuesday, the 20th of May, and it’s time to shred them all over again!

Can Fnatic bounce back from a disappointing All-Star Invitational performance to reassert its European dominance? Will the departure of Gambit star mid-laner Alex Ich spark a resurgence in Gambit’s drive to win? Can Alliance take advantage of the fresh start and momentum from Froggen’s All-Star Challenge victory to deliver on fans’ sky-high expectations? You’re about to find out!

If you’ve been thinking about making the pilgrimage to Cologne to experience the LCS action live in our studio, now is the time. We’ve even switched over to a new ticketing system to make booking easier than ever. As always, don’t forget there are a limited number of seats.

Visit our ticketing page to book now so you don’t miss out!


Tickets for EU LCS Summer Split Week 1:

5 years ago

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